Frequently Asked Questions
What is a PTC Site ?
PTC or Paid-To-Click site is a website that pays its member for their clicks on advertisements displayed at its site. The site owner canvassed for advertisements and shares a part of its profit for those clicking at the ads.
PTC is Paid-To-Click or Pay-To-Click?

Paid-To-Click required no investment or upgrade to cash-out. In a Pay-To-Click sites, you are required to upgrade (force investment) in order to cash-out.

How do I get started with PTC?

1. You will need an email account.
2. A payment processor account from Paypal 


Important warning: About 90% percents of the PTC sites out there are scams. Research before you join a PTC sites. especially before you invest to become a Premium Member. You may use my criteria to select trust worthly PTC sites to join.